10 most popular mistakes in the SRA

Information on how to start an arbitration is on the Internet and its volume is increasing every day. After reading a couple of clever books and watching videos, beginners rush into an arbitration battle and … In most cases, they leak the first budget, are disappointed, write “affectionate” compliments to the partner.

We have prepared the 10 most popular mistakes in earning on SRA, which were made by almost every arbitrator. And which you will not make after reading our article!

Wow, what a cool case! I’ll do just as well.

Play in casino

This is error number one, which is repeated by 99% of newcomers. You dug up some interesting information about a super mega successful case with a crazy ROI. Of course I want to repeat that experience. After all, others did it, and I can do it too! But someone else’s experience does not guarantee good results. Some will work, but others won’t.

Tip: Cases, no matter how cool and successful they are, are not detailed guidelines for action. They will help to understand the scheme of work with a particular offshore or source, but do not take them as a step-by-step instruction.

I’ll take it all at once

Almost every novice arbitrator has his hands full – you want to take as many partner products as possible. But we recommend to bet on QUALITY, not QUALITY. Start small and you’ll benefit. Choose 1-3 reliable products and focus your attention and efforts on them.

Tip! If you spend more time on one product, it will be much easier to convert your efforts into sales. At the same time, you can always take extra work. The main thing is to pay enough attention and effort to your advertising campaigns.

Wrong choice of partner

Black and red

Of course you want a quick turnaround – unscrew the campaign, withdraw the money and invest again to scale up your advertising. But thus novices choose SRA network with a long holding, so quality of the traffic is considered minimum 2 weeks, and money is deduced in a month, and even later.

Another mistake – to choose a network where it is not possible to create an agent’s office, but want to advertise through targeted advertising in social networks.

Tip! Give preference to partners, where:

  • the holding is 3-10 days;
  • minimum withdrawal from 1000 rubles;
  • OFFERS may be moderated in social networks.

Test? Why waste time!

It is clear that one doesn’t want to spend time on testing and creating for every targett, but it is impossible to determine the effective ligament without it. Tests help you to find a targeted promo, which is guaranteed to be profiteering.

What should I do?

  • Identify your target audience;
  • Use effective tools – Storiteling, clickbacks, benefit descriptions;
  • Create about 10 ads;
  • Test them;
  • Leave the most successful ones, the rest to be scrapped.

Now analyze these successful ads – find the anchors that hook your CA. Detail the promotions by dividing them into separate elements:

  • image,
  • title,
  • a description,
  • STAT button.

Now come up with 3 options for each part and start testing again. The result will be 2-3 most successful promotions. And to choose the best of the best:

  • Run a split-test;
  • Define a promo with maximum KPI;
  • Improve everything you can and can’t, and run it!

Tip: Change one element during one test. If you change several at once, then you won’t understand what exactly caused the increase in conversions.

I don’t need a UTM tag

That’s right, why bother) And then it’s not clear where the lid came from? What kind of promo doesn’t make a profit at all? Which one is better to invest more in?

Tip: Do not wave UTM tags, learn how to work with them and insert them into each advertising campaign, and then the analytics will be simple and effective.

I am on my own

This is a common mistake not only among beginners, but also among maternal arbitrators. The motto “let’s do it all not worse” works against you, because the income of support agents depends directly on your financial success. Support agents are as interested in your professional work as you are.

Tip: One in the arbitration field is not a warrior. Get the support of agents, who will advise you on the bundle if necessary, throw special offers, raise the bet.

The more complicated the source of traffic, the better


Beginners in many ways complicate their lives by choosing the wrong traffic source. They often choose banner ads instead of doing teaser. Or promote credit offers through teaser instead of raising promo with targeted VKontakte advertising.

Tip: If we talk about gaming offers, VK targeting is much easier and more effective than teaser networks. Beginners are much easier to master My Target than mobile advertising exchanges. The advantage is that you will not have “zero” clicks and there is no need to catch sites that pour bots and non-convertible traffic.

I’m fine as it is, I don’t need another partner

Well, first of all, good is not perfect yet. And secondly, it is a big mistake to limit yourself to one partner in the harsh world of arbitration.

Each partner network specializes in a specific area, has its own specific conditions. All this must be taken into account and used in their own interests. If you choose the right partner – it is guaranteed success. And if you choose several at once – it is a success multiplied by the number of SRA.

Tip: Always have a few “spare” options, as most companies allow to withdraw money only 1-2 times a month.

Complicated offers are not for me

Fear of difficulties at the beginning of the journey – quite natural and understandable. Beginner arbitrators try to choose the simplest offers, requiring a minimum of knowledge and experience in work. But in the end they will face a killer competition, a huge variety of advertising campaigns in one subject.

Tip: Choose more “exclusive” operas, i.e. those that are less common. So, with low competition, you have a better chance of success.

If I don’t see a profit in the first few days, I’ll be divorced

All the arbitrators with experience have suffered fairies in the past. Not all advertising campaigns begin to work in the plus side and make a profit. Even professionals who have been working on the subject of arbitration for more than a year do not always get a profit. This is the prose of the life of arbitration, with which you have to accept.

Failure is no reason to give up. Learn, gain experience, follow the news, communicate on thematic forums, subscribe to the news feed of partner programs. In this way you will quickly get involved, make useful acquaintances, rework the experience of colleagues.

And another +5 free tips for beginners.

  1. Work with counters and retargeting codes. And how else will you gather a warm audience? With pixels/meters, you can catch up with potential customers with your special offers for a very long time.
  2. More creative solutions. Traditional advertising everywhere and everywhere, it no longer works as desired by arbitrators and marketers. That’s why there has to be a lot of creativity. Really a lot!
  3. Save your patience. Don’t change the parameters on the day the promo is launched. Wait 24 hours to get complete statistics and make necessary changes to the advertising campaign based on the facts.
  4. Correctly use SEO technology. Many people refuse them at all, and for nothing. Current key queries, SEO-optimized ads and pages, links from reputable resources – and your resource has every chance to break into the top of search results.
  5. Use web analytics more actively. You can catch up with the sea of traffic, but you do not know where the lids come from, applications, registrations, which campaigns it is better to give up now, and in what it is worth to throw money. Without web analytics any arbitrator like a blind kitten!

So that you do not learn from your mistakes, re-read others and do not repeat them in your arbitrage experience. Success!